Monday, October 15, 2012

Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow- Limited Edition Holiday 2012 Collection

I love Loreal Infallible eyeshadows and a couple days ago I came across two new colors (plus one repromo one).  Super Excited.  The display makes it look like there should be a red one, which would be amazing but my location did not have any if they exist.  I found mine at Walgreens for $8.49.  If you can find them I would definitely pick them up.

607- Blinged & Brilliant- Peachy Taupe
507- Primped & Precious: Silver

607- Blinged & Brilliant is similar to Amber Rush.  Blinged & Brilliant is a slightly lighter and peachy color where 892 Amber Rush is a little darker and more coppery in color.

507- Primped & Precious- Is a silverly bluish Gunmetal Grey and is similar to 996 liquid Diamond which is a purple grey silver color.

Here is what the display looks like
(They are not with the normal Infallible Colors)



  1. I love these eyeshadows! But can't find the limited edition eyeshadows? I live in southern California. Do you know where I can find them?

  2. I found mine at Walgreens and saw them at one yesterday. They are typically on a special display and not with the normal selection.

  3. I added a picture of what the display looks like to the blog. I hope that helps!